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Our flagship offering, DataListPro, is a real estate investment tool that extracts and standardizes data from county APIs, enabling investors to identify discounted properties and make informed decisions. DataListPro offers advanced analytics for property values, market trends, and rehab costs, aiding in accurate ROI assessments. With a user-friendly interface, it simplifies data access and customization, making it a crucial resource for optimizing real estate investments.

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Scott, a seasoned real estate professional from Virginia, was averaging 50-60 house flips per year. However, he found himself spending an average of $8,800 per kitchen remodel. That's when David stepped in with DataListPro. By connecting with Scott's current and competing vendors, David taught him how to negotiate a volume discount, significantly reducing the cost per kitchen to $7,600. This adjustment translated to savings ranging from 60k to 72k annually. Reflecting on his experience, Scott regrets not seeking David's expertise earlier and recognizes that the potential for savings in his real estate journey is substantial.
Brad, a Virginia-based real estate investor and working father, was facing a common challenge – managing construction materials. His crews were spending hours commuting to hardware stores, leading to lost time and inefficiencies. Additionally, Brad struggled with personally delivering materials due to his day job. Enter David with DataListPro, armed with innovative solutions. David shared a checklist for bulk orders and even provided the personal contact of a regional marketing manager from a major home repair store. Brad's ability to secure FREE delivery for his ordered items streamlined his projects, increased efficiency, and eliminated unnecessary back-and-forth. With David's guidance, Brad made real estate investing more accessible for hardworking individuals like himself.
Joel, a Virginia-based real estate professional, sought to elevate his performance in the industry. Feeling stuck, he turned to David for guidance. David's unique approach, utilizing DataListPro, involved reverse-engineering the success of the top-performing players in Joel's market. Armed with this new strategy, Joel transitioned from an average of 45 houses per year to an impressive 240 houses in a single year. His company's profit skyrocketed, generating over 3 million dollars in profit. Joel credits David's insights, dedication, and innovative methods for this remarkable transformation. For those seeking to achieve extraordinary results in real estate, Joel's story serves as a testament to the impact of David's guidance.
Tim, a first-time homebuyer from Texas, was excited about purchasing his first home. However, during the inspection, a structural issue with the slab settling was discovered. Feeling overwhelmed, Tim reached out to David for guidance. In just 15 minutes utilizing DataListPro, David provided a comprehensive game plan. Armed with an engineer's study and estimate, Tim used David's negotiation strategies to successfully lower the home's price by 10k, saving him $6,500 (not including potential interest on his home loan). Tim was impressed with the effectiveness of the Fortune Formulas and encourages others to seize the opportunity. After all, results speak for themselves.

FAQ With The Founder

"I am building the team, the tools, and the community for those determined to create generational wealth." - David Spring

Options. Here you can learn more as an experienced investor, learn the basics as a new investor, or deploy capital if you don’t have the time to invest in real estate yourself.


Historically, real estate has not been easy to acquire or liquidate. Our fund provides Liquidity for rental properties, hence Liquid Landlords. My dream is to create a method and means that allows anyone to benefit from owning real estate assets.

Through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or trust that legally entitles contributors funds to ownership of an asset pool of income producing real estate. These can be Long term residential Rentals, storage units, retail sales, farm land, Short term rentals, or other investment properties. All High yield (payments) secured by ownership of a physical asset.

The Majority of funds deployed are in the capacity of a “hard money” lender that allows graduates and concierge members access to liquidity to deploy for short term, ROI. Liquid Landlords funds average 10% per year.

I won’t teach selfish people to be shitty landlords. I also have an internal quota I refer to as “Operation Ahab” this protocol limits the size of an investors contribution. Limiting control, limiting assholes, and limiting risk has been a great way to select candidates and deploy investor capital.


Learn. Plan. Execute:

– Learn about how to value a property, learn about the process of buying, learn about repairs, learn about decision making, learn how to sell

– Plan how your going to find a deal, buy, fix and sell it.

– Execute. Follow the plan. Build, measure and learn. Improve the process, find a niche and dominate it, or fund our members who doing this through our fund.